The Veterans Agent for Lakeville is Wilford Corey

He can be reached by calling

(508) 946-8824

The Department of Veteran's Services is located at the Lakeville Senior Center. The Office is open on Fridays from 8:00AM - 4:00PM.
Assistance to eligible veterans, and veterans' dependents is provided as mandated by Chapter 115 of the Massachusetts General Laws.  If you have not filed your DD214 (discharge) with this office, please do so.  In order for a Veteran or their family to receive benefits, a DD214 is required.

Danielle Westgate Speaks at the Veteran's Breakfast

November, 2004

Veteran's Breakfast 2004

Emily McKenna, US Marine Corps, WWII,

Danielle Westgate, US Army Iraq,

Dorothy Wilson, US Navy, WWII

Any person, male or female:
  • Whose last discharge or release from his/her wartime service (defined below) was under honorable conditions and
  • Who served in the Army, Marie Corps, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard of the United State for not less than 90 days active service, at least one day of which was for wartime service, provided that any person who so served in wartime and was awarded a service-connected disability or a Purple Heart, or who died in such service under conditions other than dishonorable, shall be deemed to be a veteran notwithstanding his/her failure to complete 90 days of active service.
Wartime Service
Service performed by a "Spanish War veteran", a World War I veteran", a "World War II veteran", a "Korean veteran", a "Vietnam veteran", a "Lebanese peach keeping force veteran", a "Grenada rescue mission veteran", a "Panamanian intervention force veteran", a "Persian Gulf veteran", or a member of the "WACC" during any of the periods of time described herein. You may call the Veteran's Office (947-7224) and you will be given dates for everything listed above.
Merchant Marine
Any Merchant Marine who performed such wartime service in armed conflict between December 7, 1941 and August 15, 1945, and who received an honorable discharge from the Army, Navy, or U.S. Coast Guard.
None of the following shall be deemed to be a veteran:
  • Any person, who at the time of entering into the armed forces of the United States, had declared his/her intention to become a subject or citizen of the United States and withdrew his/her intention under the provision of the act of Congress approved July 9, 1918.
  • Any person who was discharge from said armed forces on his/her own application or solicitation by reason of his/her being an enemy alien.
  • Any person who has been proved guilty of willful desertion.
  • Any person whose only service in the armed forces of the United States consists of his/her service as a member of the coast guard auxiliary or as a temporary member of the coast guard reserve, or both.
  • Any person whose last discharge or release from the armed forces is dishonorable.
Education Benefits
Tuition waiver for all Massachusetts veterans to all state colleges and universities Veterans of Massachusetts, as defined by M.G.L. ch. 4, s.7, clause 43, can be eligible for any state-supported course in an undergraduate degree program or certificate program offered by a public college or university. To be eligible, a veteran must also be a legal resident of Massachusetts and he/she must not be in default of any federal student loan. Veterans will be eligible on a space-available basis for a waiver of full or partial tuition based on proper documentation of the eligibility of the veteran. Space availability shall be determined in accordance with normal practices and procedures as published by each institution, i.e., the individual college or university. Contact the Veteran's Representative at the college or university for details.
Public service scholarship programs
M.G.L. ch. 15A,s.16
Scholarships will be awarded to:
*Children of prisoners of war or military or service persons missing in action in Southeast Asia whose service was between February 1, 1955 and the termination of the Vietnam campaign; and
  • Children of veterans whose service was credited to the Commonwealth and who were killed in action or otherwise died as a result of such service.
Scholarships will be for undergraduate studies at an institution of higher education in the Commonwealth.
Eligible Veterans
All veterans as defined by M.G. L. ch. 4, s. 7:
World War I Lebanon
World War II Grenada
Korean Panama
Vietnam Persian Gulf
Children of Deceased Veterans
Children of POWs/MIAs
Motor Vehicle Benefits
Motor vehicle registration exemption for disabled veterans
M.G.L. ch.90, s.2
Motor vehicle registration exemption for ex-prisoners of war
M.G.L. ch.90, s.2
Motor vehicle registration for veteran series license plates
M.G. L. ch.90, s2-includes, Legion of Valor, EX-POW, Purple Heart, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Silver Star & Bronze Star. Also available are Distinctive Military Emblems.
For further information, or an application, please call the Lakeville Veteran's Office at 947-7224.
Sales tax exemption for disabled veterans
M.G.L. ch.64H, s. 6(u)
Property Tax Exemptions-eligible veterans, spouses, & parents
To qualify, all veterans (and spouses where applicable) must:
  • Be legal residents of Massachusetts
  • Be occupying the property as his/her domicile on July 1 in the year of application
  • Have lived in Massachusetts for at least six months prior to entering the service (spouses exempted) or
  • Have lived in Massachusetts for five consecutive years immediately prior to filing for a property tax exemption.
Amounts of exemption
Clause 22 and Clause 22D $250.00
Clause 22A $425.00
Clause 22E $600.00
Clause 22B $775.00
Clause 22C $950.00
Chapter 58, s.8A Total Exemption
To apply, contact the Lakeville Assessors Office at 947-4428.
Employment: Civil Service & Private Sector
Veteran's preference
M.G.L. ch.31, s.26
Veterans are given preference in the eligibility lists of civil service positions.
Veteran's tenure
M.G.L. ch.30, s.9A
Retirement Pension buy-back
M.G.L. ch.32.s.4(h)
For further information, please contact the Lakeville Veteran's Office.
Women Veterans
Women veterans in need of financial assistance are entitled to the same state benefits as men veterans under M.G. L. ch.115 administered by the veterans' agent of each city and town. The Department of Veterans' Service acknowledges that women veterans have needs and concerns not experienced by the general male veteran population. In addition, the Department of Veterans' Services has a Women's Outreach Program which coordinates with the VA and the veterans' agents in identifying, locating and educating women veterans in Massachusetts on available quality health and human services programs. For more information, call the Lakeville office or the Women's Outreach Coordinator at (617) 727-3578. The VA runs the Women's Health Center, located at 150 South Huntington Avenue, Boston as well as two outpatient clinics located at 271 Causeway Street, Boston, and 130 Marshall Street, Lowell. In general, women veterans who have honorable, general, or medical discharges from the military are eligible. The center offers primary care and specialized treatment for women in area such as gynecology, osteoporosis and urology. The center also treats women for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related to combat experience, sexual harassment and abuse. The VA Medical Center's telephone number if (617) 232-9500 ext. 5906.
Veterans' Bonuses
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides a bonus to veterans who were domiciled in Massachusetts immediately prior to entry in the armed forces. In case of the death of a veteran, the spouse and children, mother or father, brother or sister or other dependents of the deceased veteran (in that order) are eligible for a bonus. Eligible Veterans: World War I, World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Persian Gulf (spouses, children, parents, and siblings). Contact the Lakeville Veteran's office for further information.
Burial Benefits
Veterans, service members, and dependents are eligible for burial in one of the VA's national cemeteries. The VA Cemetery closest to Lakeville is the Bourne National Cemetery. An eligible veteran must have been discharge or separated from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable and have completed the required period of service. In addition to qualified veterans, federal legislation passed in 1992 known as Public Law 102-547, extends eligibility for burial in national cemeteries to persons who have 20 years of service creditable for retired pay as members of reserve components in the armed forces. The law also provides burial flags, and grave markers to veterans with 20 qualified years of service.
Burial in State Veterans' Cemeteries
The Massachusetts Department of Veterans' Services and the Massachusetts legislature are currently working on the construction of two (2) state veterans' cemeteries. One site is in Agawam, MA, one is proposed for central Massachusetts. The burial criteria will mirror that for the National Veterans' Cemeteries along with any "home rule" adjustments allowed.
Veterans' Organizations with offices in the State House
The main address for the organizations listed below is:
State House, Boston, MA 02133
In May, as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, flags are placed on all veterans' gravesites. There are (23) cemeteries in Lakeville with veterans buried in them. Last November a free breakfast and "Salute to Our Veterans" was held at the Senior Center. The back wall was used to display pictures, memorabilia, and scrapbooks. In attendance were veterans from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. Colonel Berkstrom from the Department of Navy, Naval War College in Newport, R.I., was the guest speaker. This was very informative and successful. We hope to again "Salute Our Veterans" in November, and to include Apponequet High School history students. This will allow them to meet some of the Veterans in their community.
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